New show in Brno.

Experience an unforgettable cultural experience in the breathtaking setting of Cabaret des Péchés.

From 18 January 2024. Jalta Passage, Brno.

Musical genius, modern innovator, white-maned lion. The most performed Czech opera composer in the world, who devoted his heart to Brno.

Leoš Janáček––immortal, timeless, provocative. Whom did his love belong to? His wife Zdena, his children, music, Kamila Stössl?

Through music, temperament and humour the echoes of history shall be heard with a modern voice. With the voices of internationally known opera soloists, performers and musicians, including the stars of the National Theatre and Theatre of Bolek Polívka.

All this takes place in the unforgettable milieu of the cabaret of Brno.

Come and have a drink with the maestro himself!

Hana Mikolášková

Hana Mikolášková is a distinguished theatre director and a graduate of JAMU. She has directed in most of Brno's theatres and in many other cities.In addition, she is a saxophonist and director of music videos associated with artists such as Vojta Dyk and the B Side Band. She teaches at JAMU and cooperates with the Brno Conservatory. Her work is characterized by an interest in original and musical theatre and themes that transcend human boundaries.

Tomáš Krejčí

Tomáš Krejčí is a successful singer and conductor. He graduated from the Brno Conservatory, JAMU and HAMU in Prague. He is sought after by Czech Radio and Czech Television for his interpretation of contemporary music. As a conductor he founded the orchestra Mladí Brněnští Symfonikové in 1994, of which he is still the artistic director and chief conductor. He is also a teacher at the Brno Conservatory and JAMU, where he runs the opera studio and is the artistic director and dramaturge of the Chamber Opera.

Miroslav Ondra

Miroslav Ondra, dramaturge and actor with a rich theatre background, graduate of Theory and History of Dramatic Arts. He co-founded Brno's Buranteatr, formerly the Tramtarie Theatre, where he worked as an actor and dramaturg until 2021. He has worked as a dramaturg at the Moravian Theatre Olomouc, the Municipal Theatre Zlín, and is now the dramaturg of the Municipal Theatre Brno. He also teaches musical acting at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU and is a member and accordionist of the klezmer band Flying Rabbi.


"As a person and as a composer, Janáček was an element. His music tells powerful and profound stories, and cabaret is a sexy space that allows us to talk about these serious things in a non-serious way."

Hana MikoláškováScript and direction

"Janáček and the language of his music hits the centre of your being. It never leaves you cold and you either love it or hate it."

Tomáš KrejčíMusical arrangement and staging

"Cabaret is a smile. It's a kind of unbearably ironic one. A plushness we can sink into, so that we can embrace even harsh truths with pleasure and enjoyment."

Miroslav OndraDramaturgie


The production team: 

Autor: Leoš Janáček
Scénář a režie: Hana Mikolášková
Hudební aranžmá a nastudování: Tomáš Krejčí
Dramaturgie: Miroslav Ondra
Pohybová spolupráce: Roman Blumaier
Scénografie: David Janošek
Produkce: Tomáš Tlučhoř

Persons and cast:

Leoš Janáček: Ondřej Klíč / Miroslav Sýkora / Tomáš Žilinský
Lyrický soprán: Eva Esterková / Katarína Haščáková / Marta Chila Reichelová
Dramatický soprán: Zuzana Čurmová / Iveta Jiříková / Lucie Kašpárková
Baryton: Aleš Janiga / Jiří Miroslav Procházka / Denis Zjatik
Klavírní doprovod: Katarína Duchoňová / Helena Fialová / Tomáš Krejčí